Dog Star

10 Oct

I'm Not Sure About Anything

I think their spirit goes up there, to Sirius, the Dog Star. I can’t imagine anything else that would keep it burning so bright and constant.” — Captain Ezra Harper, from the novel, DogStar

Canis Major, in the sky
Up above the world so high
Took us far as we could be
Now you’re watching over me.

Life goes on, things fall apart
Life upsets the apple cart
Plans of glory come to naught
End the battle that you fought.

Vanity, vanity, everywhere
Always thought we’d stay a pair
Without a drop of pride to drink
I’m drowning in the hubris sink

You lived here through the years of drought
And late at night we’d venture out
And hear beneath the looming moon
The acequia’s muddy tune.


Along with me you’d walk the road
My muttered memories would goad
Endless arguments I’d make
With missing ones who’d turned out fake.

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