An introduction, and some planning

29 Nov

TERFs up!

I am about a week and a half into my personal “peak trans”. Every moment, I think I cannot be more outraged, and then, like a horror show building towards a crescendo, it happens again.

I’m a second wave lesbian feminist, out of the picture for almost two decades. Initially it was that I felt alienated from an increasingly butch/femmed, BDSMed-up community that had no place for me.

Then, I became the Founding Mother of a new rights movement, which took up another decade or so of my energy.  I will not identify what movement this is just yet. I want to make the tranti-speech dudes work a bit before they find out who they can hate on next. (I am more than happy to confirm my identity in private, however).

I found out just moments ago that the movement in question is also being ravaged by this violent effort…

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