In which I theorize on the word “grounded”

2 Dec

Purple Sage

This is a post about the word “grounded” and what it means to me. In general use, grounded means mature and sensible, but I think about it in a complex way that encompasses various social issues, and I think this concept can explain a lot of human behavior. This post jumps around a bit, because I have chosen several seemingly unrelated examples of ungroundedness to illustrate. I hope it makes some sense.

The two definitions of “grounded” that are of interest here are:

  • Of or pertaining to an electrical conductor which is connected to earth;
  • Mature, sensible with well-considered priorities.

The definition of grounded that refers to people is “a mature and sensible person.” The other definition here is only meant to refer to electricity, but I think that it applies to people as well because people can be connected or disconnected from the Earth, too. When I say “connected…

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