Only dominant groups get to generalise about themselves

5 Dec


At work there was someone trying to get rid of theatre tickets yesterday because she felt too ill to go. I said I would take them and go with my partner , but I later felt too ill to go myself. The tickets were for ‘Lord of the Flies’. I took them because nobody else wanted them. I thought, ‘I don’t even really like Lord of the Flies but I don’t want these to go to waste.’

I tried to unpick why I don’t like Lord of the Flies. I think it’s a good novel. It’s definitely not the case that I don’t like the style, the pace or the characterisation; I do like them very much. It’s the intent that makes me disengage. William Golding was saying something Hobbesian about the state of nature. The book at its core is an exploration of the concept of ‘man (or boy)…

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