11 Dec

Sounds about right.

Words by Maria Catt

I don’t know what’s happening in the universe this week but I spent a lot of time being feminist on the internet. In a low level way- local stuff, small group stuff.

So I watched a lot of fights blow up. About such specific stuff, even if I wanted to tell you what the fights were about, I’d have to fill you in on so much group history and politics it wouldn’t be worth it. You’d get bored 3 minutes in, I’d be disheartened and depressed 4 minutes in, whatever.

People’s political worldviews don’t seem to be very tied to goals anymore. I think that’s why we fight so much. Because there’s nothing we’re waiting until we make happen to get to fight each other after. That’s how campaigns work, you meet a bunch of assholes and then you’re like “ooooohh once this campaign is over I’m going to buy…

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