Mt. Horeb Area School District (USA)

13 Dec

Gender Identity Watch

The Mt. Horeb Area School District, which recently wanted to read “I Am Jazz” to kids, voted 7-0 to adopt a transgender policy that eviscerates the rights of Girls. Specifically, “(g)enerally a student who is transgender and has held the belief deeply, followed the belief consistently over a period of time, is supported by the student’s parent or guardian, and for which the student has sought guidance or counseling in coming to the decision, will be permitted to access the segregated restrooms that correspond to the gender identity that the student consistently asserts at school and elsewhere. Any student who does not wish to use the segregated restrooms may be given access to unisex restrooms if such a facility is reasonably available. No student shall be required to use a unisex restroom solely because of the student’s transgender or gender nonconforming status.”

Mt. Horeb Trans Policy

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One Response to “Mt. Horeb Area School District (USA)”

  1. petuniacat00 2015/12/13 at 8:59 pm #

    Those people at that school district are flat out crazy. What do you bet in a few years it turns out that some of these people voting for this were completely unaware of what transgender is. I’d love for a reporter to ask these school officials if they’re aware that there is no medical test for transgender and that most kids who embrace it desist later on. Wanna see the look on that school officials face when they’re asked.


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