Transdora’s Box-Straight Late and Trans

13 Dec


There is a growing gap in an already wide hole between those diagnosed for transition treatment and the criteria used to determine who is slated to be transitioned. This gravid breach between criteria and symptom is already creating diagnostic holes you can fit a telephone pole through. Despite the anti gay/lesbian campaign lobbied by the dynamic duo autogynephiles/neo-liberals to ferret out/diagnose and transition gay/lesbian children (through school policies/parental scare tactics) adding to the voluminous Trans Trenders (once lesbian only), there is now a growing number of straight girls diagnosed as Gender Dysphoric as well, throwing a serious wrench in the Gender Dysphoria machine. Straight girls who are disaffected, dissatisfied, rebellious, malcontented, sexually abused, sexually adventurous, eating disordered or just plain unhappily suffering through puberty are seeking transition as their own personal jesus, then being anointed by the holy trinity (Trans Politics/Gender Therapists/Mad Medical Machine) into autogynephilic fodder as proof-in-numbers for Trans Politic propaganda grist!

Read the rest at The Dirt From Dirt.

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