“Not a pimp, a manager;” The Toronto Star investigates sex trafficking in Ontario

15 Dec


One of the victims Carville spoke with was a 27-year-old named Natalie who met her pimp at 23. She was confined to a hotel room and forced to have sex with strangers day and night. Natalie made $30,000 in one month, handing it all over to her pimp, who has since been arrested and is awaiting trial. She says she could have left: “I never really knew what trafficking was. To me, it was always a relationship,” she told the Star. “I felt like he really loved me.”

Even when the girls are free to leave, they’re afraid to. Sergeant Martin Dick told the Star that he found one teenage girl in a hotel room wearing only lingerie and said, “Just let us help you, please.” She then collapsed on to the floor. Dick says, “This girl was crying her eyes out, but she just wouldn’t come because she was so downtrodden and beaten and broken. It’s so hard to walk out that door, because you don’t know what you’re leaving her to.”


Matthew Deiaco is charged with human trafficking and is serving time at the Toronto East Detention Centre in Scarborough. He tells Carville: “Sex is a part of life. I think if a woman wants to make money off of it, she shouldn’t have to go to jail [and neither should] somebody that’s helping her. It’s her life, it’s her body.”


Deiaco explains to Carville that it’s easy to get these girls to fall in love with him and do his bidding. “Most of these girls are broken,” Deiaco says. “You just answer their call.”


Read the rest at Feminist Current.

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