They Just Look Like Everyone Else

19 Dec



A chance remark got me thinking for days. Round and round and round again. Then my brain barfed out this.


Our little band of comrades had been sitting together on the sand as night fell, poking the beach fire and talking of what we could bring to our island utopia. An ember shifted, sparking into the dusk. I looked out across the flat water and a woman laughed and said I can tie nice plaits.

Later, after the endless resenting push-pull of the child’s bedtime, and the silence of another short evening in an empty house, I lay in bed alone beside the man I married and thought of the plaits and wept. It is this caring for, this knowing, that has been missing. No one has brushed my hair and dressed it with love since I was small. This meeting in the middle: I see you, I…

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4 Responses to “They Just Look Like Everyone Else”

  1. ammonitey 2015/12/19 at 3:23 am #

    Thankyou! I am honoured :)


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