He Knows Me Better Than I Know Myself: Don’t Tell The Bride and Gender

23 Dec


I’ve only been married a year, so I’m hardly in a position to start making pronouncements on the subject. I have, on the other hand, watched quite a lot of the Don’t Tell The Bride, so I have plenty to say about that.  The show has discovered a successful formula which has sustained it for series after series, in which a couple (almost always a man and a woman, though there have been a couple of exceptions) live apart for three weeks before their wedding, whilst the groom is given a sum of money by the production company to plan the wedding without any input from the bride.  Hilarity, stress and “concept weddings” abound.

I’m less interested here in the ways by which the show’s editing shapes scenes, or produces characters from the people onscreen (though there’s plenty to say about that elsewhere.) Instead, I want to look at…

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