Transparent Contempt for Dyke Culture

23 Dec

Liberation Collective

Guest post by Karen Thompson; cross-posted on Listening to Lesbians

Editor’s note: This post by Karen Thompson is in response to an episode of the television program Transparent, which disdainfully and contemptuously parodied the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival and the women – mostly lesbians – who called it home for 40 years.

(1) One of the things about festival that is so fucking amazing is the sheer magnitude of female competence. The stages, the sound, the tents, the everything is put together with such care and consciousness and that everything — made out of spit and bandaids — can look like something so polished, so professional, so ON POINT. It’s not that we make nutloaf; it’s that we make nutloaf for THOUSANDS OF WOMEN over OPEN FIRES in all weather. For free.

So the general fucking HINKINESS of the look of the “Idlewild” shit pissed me off because it looked…

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One Response to “Transparent Contempt for Dyke Culture”

  1. storyending 2015/12/23 at 6:26 pm #

    I made a comment in one of my blog posts that I hadn’t yet noticed identity politics nonsense in English-language television shows and that nothing about that had really leaked into Chinese culture where I live and teach. But I’ve since realized that I was wrong about the first part. Trans stuff and the accompanying assault on women is definitely showing up more and more in television. But at this point, those shows haven’t made their way overseas (thank goodness). I think if they did, people would be pretty confused. They are still wrestling with homosexuality as a ‘thing’ here.

    Thanks for reposting this.


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