who killed the world?

31 Dec

Warped Nectar

no refuge
from the onslaught
breaking us down
waiting for the day we no longer claim womanhood–

until the day we call ourselves Men.

being a Man
is to be the manifestation of destruction,
the killer of worlds,
macroscopic, microscopic
and everything between.

breed more Hate
encourage Dominance,
no matter the cost

To the Men with Front Holes,
you are not targeted
for Sexual Slavery and Death;
You are not a Victim;

These things afflict us all Equally,
as Men;
We are All killers.
There are only Predators,
and the Prey has gone extinct.

no humanity, just Mankind;

they want us to march,
to march with them
and sing murder
to the beat of hearts stopping:


it’s all We know.

Erase the Existence of the Female;
She was never a Woman;
There were never any women;
Womanhood is but a costume Men wear.

kill the world and…

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