My Dog Needs To Check

5 Jan

The dog who lives here with me is a Great Pyrenees cross. He is a great dog. He wants to guard, but he also wants to be indoors when it’s this cold, which it usually isn’t.

So, he asks to go out, he asks to go in. Sometimes I leave a brick in front of the door, which has no door handle latch, because the latches kept breaking and locking me out. Sometimes I set a two by six into the brackets I screwed into the doorframe. That way we have some warning.

When I just do the brick, he can push it in. So can the cat who also lives around here.

But it’s getting complicated, what with all this in and out and checking and cold air. So it’s probably time to refurbish the old Dachshund door. That was from before my residence. It has a concrete slope, even, but it’s way too small.

I ordered a giant dog door online. Falcor isn’t huge, but his fur makes him big.

So, I will have to unscrew the plywood covering the Dachshund door, on both sides, and get in there and investigate rot and note what’s left of the adjacent wiring, and do something I have never done before, which is to enlarge a pre-existing hole in the wall of my house and rework it in a manner that won’t break anything even worse.

All this to make it easier for my dog to check. He needs to check. It’s his job, he knows this. It would be wrong to interfere.

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