5000th Post

10 Jan

Name The Problem

This blog has been active for just under 3 years and two months. I’ve done some math and it works out that we blog around 130 bad guys every month. That’s 4.3 every day and it’s not even a drop in the ocean.

To produce content for this blog, the contributors have Google Alerts sent to their email inboxes and we try to only use cases where an image of the perpetrator is available. When making a post, we’ll categorize it by the type of crime. Our most populated category is Murder, closely followed by Child Rape and Domestic Violence. Most crimes will fall into more than one category. We will also usually tag the posts with the location of the crime (ie California, USA, England), the relation of the perpetrator to the victim(s) (ie stepfather, husband, jilted ex-boyfriend), and any other…

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