#BeAngry – The experience is different for Women and Men

13 Jan

Dead Wild Roses

Here is a just a snapshot of what it’s like…

“What’s on my mind, Facebook? Glad you asked.
I am angry.
corset  I’m angry because before I moved to the UK, I worked at a bar where the manager proposed a new uniform where the men wore waistcoats and button up shirts, while the women wore corsets. And no one saw the problem with that.
I’m angry because when I told him that if I wanted to wear that I’d be a stripper and earn ten times more, my coworkers were embarrassed and looked away.
I’m angry because even though he eventually admitted that my objections were valid, this incident (“Corsetgate,” I like to call it) is not remembered as the time I defended myself and my female coworkers from being objectified at work, but rather as the time that I “totally flipped out.”

I’m angry because when I threw…

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