GOP Presidential Contenders Forgot About Women During Debate

15 Jan

Men Ruin Everything

Huff Po

WASHINGTON — Republican presidential contenders scrapped over the economy, national security and guns in Thursday night’s main stage debate in South Carolina. But women, and issues that particularly affect them, did not come up.

The seven male GOP-ers in the prime-time debate did not discuss family leave, equal pay, child care, working moms, contraception, abortion, violence against women, LGBT protections, the treatment of female migrants, or education in any depth. Watching the event, a viewer might have gotten the impression that, unlike the candidates’ proposals for combatting terrorism, these are not policies that affect Americans. But an international delegation of human rights experts recently determined that women in the United States are “missing rights” compared to the rest of the world.

The only woman invoked regularly was Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton, who was the target of some gender-based criticism. At one point, debate moderator Maria Bartiromo asked…

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