Just Take Me Out And Shoot Me

15 Jan

No, I’m not going to kill myself. I got run off Facebook so here I am. They took away my Internet Opium, hmmm.

I will sleep eventually. I will not do anything insane or illegal.

and then I will wake up hung over and I will hate again, hate the people who don’t care, the people who hurt my friends, the people who think this is all some sort of game.

That’s my job now, until I find a more effective tactic than hatred.

good thing I’m a quick learner.



3 Responses to “Just Take Me Out And Shoot Me”

  1. BlackLesbianWomanist 2016/01/15 at 11:17 am #

    Hey comrade, love your wordpress. I’m a little concerned about your friendship with Jason Unruhe, AKA MaoistRebelNews, AKA (real name) Jason Caden though. I myself and other radfems I know used to be friends with Jason, and we all witnessed Jason engage in extreme misogyny in the past. He’s referred to former female friends of his, one of them a fairly notable radfem online, as misogynistic slurs, calling this woman a “fucking bitch” and reacting negatively to her coming out as an exclusive lesbian (because he wanted to fuck her). Jason is a recovering porn addict and admitted to struggling with looking at women as “sex objects.” We have reason to believe he has, in the past and continually, victimized women. He’s also “transracial” (yes, as in Rachel Dolezal transracial) and claims to be indigenous even though he’s not. He fetishizes first nations women and lays claim to first nations land, just like his white colonial ancestors.

    Jason is also dangerous. He admitted to committing a serious crime as a young man to several of his friends, including myself, likely a murder or attempted murder, and he also displays many of the characteristic features of a shattered ego narcissist, the most dangerous variety of narcissist. The way he responds to his critics is akin to narcissistic rage, using ad hominem attacks against people who criticize him and accusing them of “slander.” He also expressed open admiration for Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold (the Columbine shooters) when I knew him, and we fear he may be prone to violence. He once told us he would kill his mother, should she “betray him” and go to the police concerning the crime he committed (apparently she knows and is withholding the information).

    In short, be careful! Jason is a dangerous man prone to bouts of macho rage (if you don’t believe me, just watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QqmX81ompWs). In that video he tells his critics to “suck his dick” and goes off on a tangent defending masculinity and bragging about how much of a masculine dude bro he is when he should know, as a self-identified “feminist,” (I put that in quotes because his actions indicate otherwise) that masculinity is the mode into which males are conditioned under rule of racist capitalist patriarchy. Masculinity cannot exist without female victimization, period.


    • Miep 2016/01/15 at 11:21 am #

      All righty, I approved your comment. I thought his post was pretty straight on, but I am not interested in my blog becoming turf for some sort of internecine war. Just saying.

      I’ll allow him one response here, if he sees this. Otherwise I will ask you all to take it outside.


  2. Miep 2016/01/15 at 11:28 am #

    Your comment is also unrelated to this blog post. I commented to Jason that I will let him respond to you with one comment. Otherwise you both are going to have to take it outside.


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