Film HERstory: 60+ Classic Films Directed by Women (and Where You Can Watch Them)

25 Jan


Nitrate Diva

“The feminine influence is needed in film.”
This statement sounds like something you might read in a contemporary article, as Hollywood’s lack of opportunities for female filmmakers comes increasingly (and rightfully) under scrutiny.

In fact, the quote is from Lois Weber, who made the remark in 1921 and directed her first film in 1911.

Many believe that women directors are a relatively new phenomenon—although Alice Guy directed her first film in 1896, Lois Weber was one of the most acclaimed directors of the 1910s, and Dorothy Arzner directed films featuring major stars at Hollywood studios from the 1920s to the 1940s.

Too few viewers and film-lovers know these women’s movies, their stories, and even their names.

Last year, when fellow blogger Marya E. Gates, creator of A Year with Women, crowdsourced a list of essential films directed by women, I found the end result diverse and inspiring. Yet, it…

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One Response to “Film HERstory: 60+ Classic Films Directed by Women (and Where You Can Watch Them)”

  1. storyending 2016/01/25 at 12:11 pm #

    The sad thing is that women have been doing any and every matter of things sometimes since before men started doing them. And so we’re surprised. The only reason for that is that men erase, steal, and silence. Women have been there all along paving the way, holding up the structures and getting shit done. It would be nice to get acknowledgement that doesn’t take the form of “Year of the” “Lady accomplishments…” “First woman to” etc. It makes it sound like it’s unnatural or odd for women to do things they’ve actually been doing and are capable of doing all along.


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