29 Jan

Words by Maria Catt

I’ve been thinking about my heart a lot lately. I had to list descriptors of myself in this career guidance class I’m taking, it was sort of a free writing exercise, and this is seriously what I wrote:

“I am hard. I am tough and weird. I am a weirdo. I am done. I am hardened. I am smart. I am annoyed. I am out for myself. I am going to win. I am bled dry. I am ready to begin again.”

Now here’s the thing about me- the best part of me is my heart. I have a lot of other stuff that’s pretty cool about me- I’m a good writer, I can tell a joke,  I’m tough, I’m smart. But the best part of me is that when people are in pain I’ll go there with them. I won’t leave them alone there. Looking over my life, and…

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