COMMUNIQUE OF THE SECOND GENERAL ASSEMBLY 11 November 2015, Quezon City, Philippines

1 Feb

International Women's Alliance


Women leaders met in the Philippines for the Second General Assembly of the International Women’s Alliance (IWA) held in Quezon City, Philippines on November 11, 2015 with the theme “Women building peace, resisting militarization, facism and economic plunder”.

The assembly began with a ritual of unity led by Sining Lila, the Cultural Arm of GABRIELA Alliance of Women that hosted the Assembly.  The delegates, guests and observers holding organizational flags were ushered in the hall by the Executive Committee chanting “Long live international solidarity!” in several languages.  The assembly formally opened with Sining Lila singing the IWA hymn, A Song of Resistance.

The delegates, speakers and guests were welcomed by Rep. Luz Ilagan, GABRIELA Chairperson.  Rep. Liza Maza, IWA Chairperson gave the context and framework of the Second General Assembly highlighting the need to continue to forge women’s unity to resist militarization, fascism and economic plunder.  The Second General Assembly…

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