Venus in Scorpio from a Native

1 Feb

Look, eye speak tongue, mother!

zynyaThere is a music video that sums up every word of what I could say on this. FKA Twigs: Pendulum. Some people communicate better via music and imagery, so if reading this is confusing, try the vid. Same info.

Okay, so Venus in Scorpio is romantic bondage, but not in the way you’d think at first. It’s not that we desire to hold our lovers in bondage. It’s that we are in bondage to them, and we long for them to see this—do right by us. To worship that. It sounds domineering, but it’s actually the ultimate submission. One in which the element of control has been entrusted to the cosmos, to the emotion itself, which is a religion at that point. It is Goddess. Like a mother, we trust her to watch over the child of purity.

I know. Details, right. Here goes.

There are stories of Venus…

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