Is the Refugee Crisis a Front for Child Trafficking?

2 Feb

The Wall Will Fall

2nd February 2016

Letter written to Tim Farron MP by Mike Robinson of UK Column

“On Tuesday this week I had the pleasure of speaking to Mother Agnes Mariam about the situation in Syria. If you haven’t seen that interview yet, please do watch and share – she is an inspiration.
One of the questions I asked was about “unaccompanied” children – those orphaned by the conflict. She explained how so many are left in a desperate situation. In some cases they are effectively press-ganged into fighting with the so-called armed “opposition” including ISIS. Others end up being trafficked for sex.
So there is clearly some justification in calls for Britain to step in and assist. These children are, after all, left in this predicament through the geopolitical machinations of our own government.
One voice who quite quickly got behind these calls was Tim Farron MP, leader of the…

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