Zika Virus, Abortion Law, and Other Assorted Horrors

4 Feb

Here are some links about Zika virus, which is quite contagious and carried by mosquitos and you can get it from having sex with an exposed man and if you are pregnant at the time your fetus may turn out to have microencephaly, which is extremely horrible, and also a lot of countries where this virus is currently found have outlawed abortion. And with climate change this shit may well spread more.

I would write a blog post about this, with outrage and links embedded into anchor text and stuff if I was into that, but I am not so much, I just think this is a horrifying developing story and that women in south and central america are likely to wind up forced to give birth to microencephalic infants and that this is going to turn into a huge nightmare because rape and anti-abortion laws. And that we should pay attention to this, because sure it might seep up into Texas and even Little Texas (hi!) a bit but mostly the horrors are going to be down south where we USians tend to forget so I am just saying.


Sex & Zika: On contraception and the coital imperative

I am here to breed a boy: On ‘Esperancita’ and death by penal code



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