Beer Sale

9 Feb

Afternoon trip to the grocery store

Buy three, get one free!

Mushrooms, garlic
Paper towels
There are no rubber gloves
What is wrong with this store.

Down the back aisle by the meat counter
You are down there by the chicken stacks
Stalking along.

I divert down Seasonal Things.
My, isn’t it busy today? Excuse me. Excuse me.

Back up again to survey the milk.
Cheese, cream, mission accomplished.

Here is a store person! “Where are the gloves?”

We don’t know, there may be gloves, but if
There are, they are back there
Where you started
By the beer.

Back, back, back. There are still
No gloves here
And it’s time to check out.

Organize the gatherings
Arrange the shopping bags
Make a neat pile of
My mail and other belongings.

Sack it up, slip the card through the slot
Type in my phone number for Rewards I will likely

Not get.

Collect the Monopoly tickets

All ready to go. Walk down the aisle
To the western door
Nearest to the beer aisle
There you are
Done checking out too
Looking at the floor

I feel a little anger
And a waft of sorrow
And I look at you hard but you don’t look back

And I leave my Monopoly coupons
On a case stack by the door
Because I’m like that, I leave things

And I spend a horrible amount of time
Packing my bicycle just perfectly
And I don’t look back.

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