Help Selma become a master horner!

13 Feb

Help Selma become a master horner!
For: Selma Nieuwoudt
Kokstad, KZN, South Africa
Organizer: Selma Nieuwoudt


The Story

About me

I am Selma Nieuwoudt, a South African who decorates drinking horns with scrimshaw. There are no classes available for advanced scrimshaw or on the uniquely American art of powder horn making in my neck of the woods.

America or bust!

The classes I need to take my work to a more advanced level, are only available in the USA. The Honourable Company Of Horners can bestow guild status of journeyman, master and collector/historian upon meeting certain criteria. Earning such a title and having support of a guild, will ensure more exposure for my work. In a niche art, training counts!



Why so much money?

The funds i saved through my current work can barely buy my plane ticket. My local currency, the Rand, fell from 10 to 16,50 to the dollar in six months. I need help to cover the following costs while I attend as many classes and horn shows as possible:
-transportation to classes, which spans many states across the USA
-equipment including a lathe, good quality wood and horns
-publications about horn craft
-class fees for horn craft and advanced scrimshaw

Once I reach journeyman status (two years from attending one’s first annual guild meeting (which I will attend in 2017 since it is held in February and i am still in South Africa), I can sell my own horns while working on attaining master status.



Members of the Horn Guild have various classes starting in the American spring. April is around the corner, and spring blossoms artistic inspiration too.


You can contribute to this fundraiser here, and also please share, to help my dear friend fulfil her dream.

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