Bit of a Harangue

19 Feb

My awesome mother wrote a blog post about her work where she lives, so I made a poem out of it.

OP here.

Bit of a harange

We live in a tiny community
We are small
We have needs

No individual can
Reasonably supply

People volunteer
Run for office
Little or nothing

They feel some commitment
Or like to run things
These are largely
Thankless tasks

There are other needs
That are not taken care of
Because we are too small.

There is no agency
To help
Or even recognize
Their desire.

Many elderly
Disabled people
Often alone.

Our neighbors

Friends stay
With her.
She was alone at night
The hardest time
The scariest time

Someone to stay with her
The last two weeks of her life
This weekend
A used book sale
Summer puppet shows
Prizes for reading contests

Richest country in the world
Fighting chance to survive
People to join them
We all need to help meet these
Otherwise unmet needs

Our own need
A neighbor we don’t know
Provide the assistance they are offering.

The books don’t march over
Moved in the rain
Rain or shine

The place we really want to live in
Pretty much thought of ourselves
As citizens

This isn’t a hotel
There isn’t any management
There’s just us.
Where we all chose to live.

2 Responses to “Bit of a Harangue”

  1. roughseasinthemed 2016/02/20 at 12:59 am #

    Your mum’s post was really good and your poem is a good reflection of it. I hope your readers take the trouble to read her post first, well worth it. If they don’t, I hope at least, they read it afterwards.

    Liked by 1 person

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