So Sad

19 Feb

Men Ruin Everything

I knew her, but she didn’t understand

That I knew what she needed
So much better than she did.

She did not understand
That we are mountains
And she was aiming too high.

She did not see
Her good fortune when
I dropped my glove in her presence.

When I allowed her into my presence
And accepted her gifts
How joyous she was.

Could she not see
That such joy is worth everything?

Could she not see that her resistance
Was pointless?

How sad she is, now, without me.
She writes and yells
She writes and says she misses me
Or something. She goes on and on. About men, or something.

What is she doing, this ignorant woman?

I am Joy. To be with me is joy.
Sure, I’m not perfect. I know I offend in ways
Whatever they are
Except for the ones these women make up
And you…

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