Planning lesbian spaces

22 Feb

TERFs up!

One of the sites I am starting to create is a womyn-born lesbian feminist social network. More than a dating site — though it could be used for that — it would be a place for lesbians to meet other actual lesbians, for friendship, for organizing, or for simple relief from our growing isolation.

There are several challenges here.

The first one is to protect it from ddos and hacking, which I know I can only do imperfectly, and so I have to make plans for resilient failure, too. This isn’t much different from the challenges online commerce sites face, and so I can secure the site as if it were processing credit cards, minus the credit cards and the processing.

The second challenge is keeping the site free of trans activists and their handmaidens, as well as free of “sex positive” fun/faux feminists. I have several ideas how I…

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