Internets, You So Crazy

26 Feb

In the morning

Or occasionally the afternoon
When I rise from my fainting couch
Upon which I faint
With alarming frequency

Do I come into consciousness
Am I exposed?

Did they finally find me out?

When I turn on
My router
Do I tense in anticipation?

No, actually
What I do
Is think: “should I go make coffee now?
Or should I wait until I shit?”

Such is my life these days.
Waking, coughing up the dust
Contemplating my colon.

Examining various small physical discrepancies
Looking for any improvement
Facing the day
Thinking about work
Thinking about just moving around.
Thinking about what small thing
Might motivate me a little
Enough to get started
And maybe even do something
More than usual.

And habit, good friend
You kick in
I get up off the couch. My dog gently interferes
As I attempt to pull on my old boots
As is his habit.

I open the light
I turn on the router
I have myself a shit or two
I make myself coffee
Another day faced.

Oh Internets
You are less of a threat all the time
Compared to this simple mortality.

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