Dear Anonymous Bloggers

29 Feb

There are many reasons people use pseudonyms online. Sometimes it’s because of reasons related to safety. Sometimes it’s because of not wanting to hurt the feelings of people close to one.

Sometimes people want to work out different facets of their personalities.

I feel very strongly that people’s privacy should be respected online, that if they want to use pseudonyms, they should not be judged for doing so, because we don’t know what other people’s lives are like, what they feel they need to try to protect. I know many fine bloggers who write under pseudonyms. I don’t try to work out who they are and would not dream of ever outing any of you, even if I could.

However. However. If you take advantage of your hidden status to attack me, when you know I don’t know who you are, if you don’t try to engage reasonably, if you diss me, if you work manipulatively to try to influence other bloggers against me, and you do it under a fake name?

Not impressed.

2 Responses to “Dear Anonymous Bloggers”

  1. carlalouise89 2016/02/29 at 2:58 am #

    You tell ’em!!!


  2. storyending 2016/02/29 at 8:22 pm #

    And that would be the pseudonym category: cowardice.
    Small brains, small lives, small thrills.

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