The Beauty Of Your Rage

29 Feb

The beauty of your rage
So often appealed

So hot.

And then you went on somewhere else
And I would wait and wait and wait

My life became about waiting and turned sad.

Then you’d show up
And it was not the denouement I presumed
Mostly just more waiting.

After I got tired of waiting
And eventually finally finally left

I forgot to forget you
I did not understand that you leave when left
Even in the smallest ways.

This went on for an impossible
Time, during which I drew you and then
Scribbled all over the rage I drew
And left this on the refrigerator for awhile.

I am, in some ways, rather slow.
Slow to forget. I am still
Forgetting you.
You are starting to finally vague

Why did I want to give you that cactus
After ten years of this crap?

Why do I not trust
My colorings?

Oh well. You are still
Over there by the grocery store
Like some sort of sad curse I am forced to forgive

As spring proceeds
And I tend to my cacti
Looking forward to their flowers.


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