A growing girl

4 Mar


I was an exceptionally filthy child, literally.  I walked to school and the space in between home and school was glorious.  There was a wide alley lined with dumpsters full of treasure.  All along the alley ran a nice sized ditch which tunneled under the road.  The tunnel was the true gem.  There was green slime and crawdads.  There were leeches and water spiders.  Best of all was the occasional snake.  It was paradise.

I used to get picked up by one arm and spanked in front of the whole class regularly by my teacher, Mrs. S, and told I should be ashamed of myself, I was a horrible little girl, and no one should have to put up with me.  This happened after every single recess for weeks because of Tina B.  Every single recess.

Tina B. was a beautiful child.  Tina B. was always clean, had a recent haircut…

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