30 Signs You Are An Ethnic Minority

6 Mar

From No More Paper Towels

…white supremacists say you aren’t white, anti-racists say you are, and neither asked you what you consider yourself to be according to your lived experiences.

…men who are race minorities prefer to date you because you’re just white enough to give them status, but not so white that they would feel guilty for betraying their race.

…men who are race minorities insist you must be part Asian, Native American, or Latino based on their own perception of your skin color and facial features.

…people look at you a bit longer because they’re trying to decide if you’re white enough to speak freely around.

…people are always asking you to how to spell your last name, or ask what it means and where it’s from.

…you get both official mail and junk mail with your last name always misspelled.

Rest of post at link above.

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