QotD: “All surrogacy is exploitation – the world should follow Sweden’s ban”

7 Mar

Anti-Porn Feminists

hat something is not quite right about surrogacy has been evident for some time. Ever since the commercial surrogacy industry kicked off in the late 1970s, it has been awash with scandals, exploitation and abuse. From the infamous “Baby M” case – in which the mother changed her mind and was forced, in tears, to hand over her baby – to the Japanese billionaire who ordered 16 children from different Thai clinics. There has been a total commodification of human life: click; choose race and eye colour; pay, then have your child delivered.

Then there’s the recent case of the American surrogate mother who died; or the intended parents who refused to accept a disabled child and tried to get their surrogate to abort; not to mention the baby factories in Asia.

This week, Sweden took a firm stand against surrogacy. The governmental inquiry on surrogacy published its conclusions, which…

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One Response to “QotD: “All surrogacy is exploitation – the world should follow Sweden’s ban””

  1. No More Paper Towels 2016/03/08 at 2:09 am #

    This is horrifying, and sadly I am not surprised this is happening. Surrogacy is just a form of intentional adoption, another industry that has been exploiting women’s bodies for decades now. Whether you are a surrogate or a pregnant teen, you are reduced to a piece of meat to manufacture a child for someone else who may or may not even treat the child well. Both abuse and substance abuse are silent problems in adoptive families. I talked to a woman who was adopted and she was horridly abused by her adoptive parent’s biological son. Rape is also not uncommon. Yet the American public has this idyllic image of adoptive parents being these selfless angels who are bailing irresponsible young women out of a bad situation. They don’t know the ugliness that goes on, or the utter selfishness of some of these parents. So when I see surrogate parents committing the same horrid acts and dehumanizing women and demanding selective abortions, I point right at anti-choice Republicans who set up this situation by defaulting to adoption as the ideal option to begin with.


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