16 Mar

Words by Maria Catt

We had our primary yesterday. In Ohio you can get either ballot, you just tell the poll worker you want the Republican one or the Democrat one. Up till the very second I said Democrat I thought I might ask for the Republican one. Because I am scared as hell about Trump. I thought it might be more useful to vote against Trump than vote for anyone. Luckily Kasich took our Republican primary.

It’s funny to be back in Ohio, where we don’t have leather parades and there are actual Republicans who are shitty around. The liberals in San Francisco were so smug and self-congratulatory and SO RICH I sort of started hating Democrats. But in Ohio we have actual Republicans- Boss Republicans who will hint strongly you should vote Republican to keep your job, as recently happened to an acquaintance of mine. I’m in a city ensconced in many…

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