Measuring Transactivism Against the Orange Papers Cult Test

19 Mar

Critiquing Transgender Doctrine & Gender Identity Politics

Originally posted on Tumblr by manicpixieninjaturtle

According to the Orange Papers website, when applying this metric to various groups you are supposed to rank each point on a scale of 0-10, with 0 being “not at all” and 10 being “absolutely.”

1. The Guru is always right. 5. While there is no singular “guru” (a term whose use here grates on me) anyone who is not a transwoman is expected to kowtow to what transwomen want. They (not all transwomen, but the ones who are leading and active in the genderist movement) are always right. Questioning them makes you a “transmisogynist” and worthy of death and rape threats according to them.

2. You are always wrong. 10. You are always wrong if you think for yourself, if you dare to question any of the inconsistencies in trans ideology or try to think critically about anything. You are always wrong if you do…

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