Eleven theses on Sanders

10 Apr

Nice work.


Published online 9 February 2016.


(Educated Marxists will recognize the title of this “new essay” as riffing off of Marx’s eleven Theses on Feuerbach.  For Marx, writing in 1845, this text represents a final break from Feuerbach’s contemplative materialism and an embrace of historical materialism, a doctrine familiar in name but not in spirit to those for whom this “new essay” is written.)

1) The anti-Sanders sectarians, regardless of their claims to represent socialism as defined through historical materialism, would rather see the Sanders campaign die because they feel that they and they alone deserve to be at the front of the working class parade. In this regard no parade at all is better than a “pseudo-revolutionary” one.   This position represents a vanguardist anti-materialism; having lost the war of position, the anti-Sanders sectarians offer a reformulation of historical materialism as being about them, in the same sense…

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