Nordic Model ‘Nastiness’? Ok then -*trigger warning*…

17 Apr


Scarlet Alliance – the tide has turned

By (*trigger warning*) Simone Watson and (*trigger warning*) references to the Nordic Model 

Crikey! The pro-sex trade lobby have been misrepresenting (*trigger warning*) Nordic Modelsupporters with a renewed vigour. 


The “Why be poor?” brigade of alleged “sex workers” certainly know how to spin a yarn but it’s the same old yarn and the public are just not swallowing it. EG.

After I had a remarkable opportunity to (*Trigger Warning*) speakat Parliament House in Hobart on April 1st at a public forum with (*trigger warning*) Isla MacGregor, Jade Barker of the Scarlet Alliance who attended the forum, wrote a piece for The Mercury


Following this on Tasmanian Times “anonymous”, in a weak attempt, failed to discredit both me and (*TW*) NorMAC as though we really just don’t understand the issues and can’t…

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