Julian Vigo, Woman By Proxy

19 Apr

The essay is at Medium.


“The real paradox is this: today it is expected that women lock step in sympathy with the plight of these individuals who declare their non-binary or transgender status while we are reminded that everything that women have fought for is now deemed phobic because feminism excludes the very class of humans whose best interests were heretofore served by gender. And the greatest irony of all is that when males claim gender as feeling, gender is no longer a social construct imposed upon the subject, but instead gender has been fashioned into a neoliberal imperative to purchase and tailor one’s identity at will as an ostensibly radical practice of liberation. No longer is gender destructive to women! Males have swept in to tell us so, while others bend their ears to listen as they scribble the word TERF repeatedly on their doodle pads. The very foundations of gender are now catching women under the dead weight of these males’ quest for identity: their desire to be recognised as women. Is it any wonder that lesbians are now the majority of clients lining up at London’s Portman Clinic as these recent lessons from history evidence that women’s voices do not matter…unless, of course, they are male. Or should we just start saying non-females?”


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