Gender Identity Watch (Internet)

22 Apr

Thank you for your groundbreaking work on these issues. I wish everyone involved all the best in your future endeavors.

Gender Identity Watch

Gender Identity Watch was a blog started by lesbian feminist lawyers in August 2012 to track legal, regulatory and case law developments that result in the erasure of rights for Women and Girls. In 3.5 years of blogging, Gender Identity Watch produced more than 1,900 blog posts (starting with our first one here and our most popular one here) detailing the steady erasure of advances made for Women and Girls in employment, in political organising, and in the right to Women and Girl-only accommodations. We withstood numerous attacks from Men’s Rights Activists who wanted to shut down the blog, all of which failed.

You cannot silence an idea – and the idea that underpins everything we did is that Women and Girls exist, and that our reality is worth considering when making public policy decisions. 

More than 20 Women have blogged for Gender Identity Watch during the run of the…

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