The Little Lesbian Handbook – Outline

15 May

This Soft Space

Finally got some time this weekend to work out a basic outline for the Lesbian Handbook PDF/pamphlet!  I’d like to keep it short and sweet, something that someone could download and skim through, but packed with as much info as possible. I’ve tried to concentrate on things I wish I had known before now – not just the obvious stuff I wish I’d been exposed to in high school but also the deeper “the patriarchy’s been tough on us” kind of things that helped me through the roughest patches.

If there’s anything you feel I’m missing please comment!  All of these are just topics for now and will each have following explanations, etc. Most words are just notes for myself for now.

Here’s to hoping I can copy/paste right from GoogleDocs and keep my formatting!

How do I know if I’m a lesbian?

  • What is sexual attraction/orientation?
    • Not just “sex” in sexual…

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