Aussa Doxes a Troll

16 May

This woman is brilliant.


“I was at a party the other night when I got a notification of new comments on a post I wrote last fall. It was about my restraining order against my ex-boyfriend, which was about to expire after three years. I opened the comments, and wow:”

“I responded as I usually do– by taking a screenshot and immediately forgetting about it.  It wasn’t until I opened my photo app the next morning that I remembered reading them. Honestly, it’s not that unusual for me to receive dissenting or judgey feedback.  I get plenty of tweets, comments, and emails from people who disagree with my decisions or opinions. There’s even an entire forum out there devoted to discussing whether I’m a horrible daughter or some kind of life champion.  I don’t usually have enough time or interest to respond because I’m too busy living a life that upsets strangers on the internet.

Plus, people are allowed to disagree with me.  They’re allowed to not like me.  They’re even allowed to project their own issues onto me. But this is something different.”

This Is What I Found When I Tracked Down My Most Recent Troll

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