Passings II

21 May

Bicycling home from the last of my errands this evening, I watched the clouds gathering in from the southwest and wondered whether it was raining up at the park. I went past the motorcycle dude party for the last time, and waved to a tall happy man with a braid and a beer.

Up the hill and into the home stretch, I looked towards my house a few blocks ahead. There is a girl with a pack of wolves ahead of me, I thought.

I caught up with her a minute later. In a tank top with a bandana tied around her head, she looked all of nineteen.

Following her were four German shepherds of various ages, one still a half-grown pup. All sauntering along, perfectly at heel and offlead, as if there was no one else in the world.

“You are a wonderful sight, the lot of you,” I called out as I passed. She smiled and thanked me, and continued off into the gathering wind.

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