Another Open Letter to Therapists: “I needed someone to to help me unwind the internalized homophobia and misogyny keeping me always repressed and compromised.”

6 Jun

First, Do No Harm: Youth Gender Professionals

A lesbian coming to terms with her sexuality in her 30’s, thissoftspace considered transition as a solution to her discomfort with her body and feelings of alienation, but found another way.  She writes about her reconciliation with womanhood and acceptance of her sexuality on her blog and her tumblr While she did not engage in psychotherapy during the period in which she was transitioning, she does have some thoughts on the kind of process that would have been helpful to her. I am grateful to her for sharing her thoughts.

While thinking about writing this post, I found myself getting my old High School yearbook out of my closet. After all, our concern here is youth, and I was curious about a nagging memory from my own teenage years. I remember well my senior photo, taken when I was seventeen. I remember wearing beige pants, a white oxford…

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