First Draft of the Little Lesbian Handbook

1 Jul

This Soft Space

The following is the first draft of the little resource PDF I’m writing for those just dipping their toes into the world of being a lesbian. Mostly, it’s everything I wish someone had told me back when I was like AHHH WHAT AM I GAY?? in the most succinct language I can manage (though I will go through it several more times with a fine-toothed comb.)

If there is anything that sounds off, or anything that seems missing or mistaken, please let me know in the comments!  I’ve tried to stay in a kind of open, middle-of-the-road place, avoiding some of the more heated terminology of our current times while still putting things plainly. I still could use additions to the resource lists at the end (I really need some websites maybe???) as well as further “Words from fellow lesbians”.

Many thanks to all who have helped out so far!

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