Imagine there’s no signal…

1 Jul

So smart.

Helen Zuman

…it’s easy if you try/no cell phones ringing/only the land line. Imagine all the people/ talking face to face….

Do Wi-Fi routers bring on headaches and insomnia? Do cell phones cause ear cancer? Maybe. You can find studies proving these technologies harmless, and studies proving they’re killing you while you sleep. But it seems to me that the physical-danger controversy (like the presidential election, like public fights over any issue touching sex) is a distraction. As usual, there’s a far more audacious heist in progress, right beneath our noses.

What we’re losing is the pleasure of each other’s company.

I sort of knew this before spending two months in a village with no cell signal, and no wireless Internet in the areas I frequented. Now I know it in my cells.

Before leaving for Earthaven, I thought I had a problem: I checked my email umpteen times a day, in…

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