The Return of Rain

10 Aug

I’ve missed her. She has been hanging around here of late, I often can smell her. But only just now is she really here.

She has been in mountains, she has been in the southeast New Mexico wilderness. She has been spending a lot of time in a cyclone in the Eastern Pacific, and the winds were giving good rates so now she’s coming into town.

I bicycled out to shop earlier this evening, and got my shoes a good washing on the way. I almost ran into a concealed curbstone.

I felt alive. Being surrounded by so much water was exhilarating. She’s back! She hasn’t forgotten me, all is not lost.

Yesterday was the first day of the foreshadowing of the August Mercury retrograde. This all goes on for about eight weeks until the end of the aftershadowing. Ask not whether you believe in Mercury. Ask whether Mercury believes in you.

Mercury is about communications. Rain is about other things, though she has her own way of communicating, if you can listen. She’s always worth listening to.

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