14 Aug



I had a dream last night where my old wolf dog was right there, sitting and looking at me, covered with light. Usually she’s lost somewhere, in my anxiety dreams, my Kinnick. I don’t remember her ever appearing like this.

There was also a sleeping wolf dog *puppy* and that never happens. This puppy is a new bud on this dream cycle.

Also, this was someplace where I was considering dressing up in the best handmade finery (made by myself) I ever had, (that I made in waking life) and going to some party, but then I thought “I don’t want to go to this party, there are going to be too many of these people there who have been nasty to me.” Then I woke up.

My dream symbolism is just getting over the top lately. “I have the wolf, I have the puppy, I have the finery, and I’m not going to your stupid party.”

Back to tomatoes, I think.

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