The Transgender Beauty Pageant Where It’s Illegal To Be Gay

27 Aug

Meanwhile, in Samoa…

Homosexuality may be illegal in Samoa, but the annual transgender beauty pageant is a mainstay of the island nation’s social calendar.

Miss Fa’afafine takes its name from the Samoan word for the society’s “third gender”, which literally translates to “in the style of” (fa’a) “woman” (fafine).

People say that fa’afafines are blessings, honestly,” Ms Ulberg said.

“We have that kind of talent that we can do boys’ chores and even the girls’.
“So if there’s no boys in the family, there’s always a fafa, or there’s no girl in the family, a fa’afafine can also do a girl’s part.”

According to this article, this population runs to mental health problems and they are concerned about suicide prevention. No mention is made of whether this might be connected to outlawing homosexuality, which is only mentioned as an aside.

Post-publishing addendum: this reminds me of 19th century racist crap about “happy darkies.”

3 Responses to “The Transgender Beauty Pageant Where It’s Illegal To Be Gay”

  1. lovetruthcourage 2016/08/30 at 10:08 pm #

    Interesting, but sad to see the false narrative of trans in Samoa. Of course, these guys will deny their homosexuality if it is illegal. Who admits to illegal acts?


    • Miep 2016/08/30 at 10:21 pm #

      Yeah. I was irritated at the journalistic slant that painted this as being charming but also inexplicably tragic, in a context where homosexuality is not just seen as dodgy (which it still is in much of the USA, for instance) but is still outright illegal. The author mentions the illegal status of homosexuality as an aside.

      This kind of journalism helps reinforce the myth that transgenderism never has anything to do with homosexuality, other than both being oppressed statuses, which is an outright lie. It was invented as a corrective for homosexuality and there is still a lot of that going around, though in the USA it’s more sub rosa.

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      • lovetruthcourage 2016/09/01 at 4:02 pm #

        Great comment as usual, Miep. I agree.


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