30 Aug

I do wish you luck! And better yet: teach them that “gender” is a transitive verb, it’s something done to language, and thusly to people.

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dear god. I just spent the morning at the Faculty of Education orientation at the school I’ll teach for this fall. It was supposed to go to 3:30, but i left after lunch. Which was delicious.

what the fuck is going on? Every christly institution of power is relentlessly “inclusive” — it’s fucking madness. there’s this thing, I don’t know, it’s a focus of the teacher ed program or a study focus or some goddamn thing, called “Teacher Education is for Everybody” — I don’t even know what that means. this dude, some teacher guy, talked about how terribly marginalized and endangered are the non-binary trans youth, and told us a heart-warming story about his daughter who is trans — and so smart and wonderful of course — and another young woman in Prince George who eschews all things girly, so she must be a boy (named Milan, who has…

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